Pokemon Twilight Masquerade Prerelease

Date: Friday May 10 @ midnight & Saturday may 11 @ 3:30PM
Registration Starts: Friday – 11:30PM & Saturday – 2:30PM
Cap: 50 Players on each day
Entry Fee: $35.00

Sign up while space is available!
Players must have their Pokémon player ID

Event Information:
• Each player will receive a Build and Battle Prerelease Kit containing one of four new prerelease promos, 4 booster packs of Scarlet and Violet Twilight Masquerade, and an evolution pack with Trainers and Pokémon.
• There is a 30-minute deck-building phase followed by 3 swiss rounds.
• Players cannot use cards from their personal collection and can only use cards from the build and battle kit to build their tournament deck.

Additional Information:
• Deck-building assistance or in-game assistance will not be available. Players who cannot build their deck or play independently will be dropped from the event.
• We encourage you to sign up early as this event has limited space.
• If you have a child under 12, they must be accompanied by an adult. The adult must stay with them for the duration of the session.