Parent’s Night Out!

Date: Saturday February 11th
Time: 6PM-10PM

We know it’s hard to keep the romance alive with the kiddos so why not allow them to hang out with us for a bit? On Saturday February 11 from 6pm until 10pm Rose and AJ will hang out with your kiddos while you go on your date night (or maybe a nice night in). To keep the kiddoes entertained Rose will be playing board games at the tables while AJ plays switch games on the TV.

Additional Info:
• Any children MUST at least 10 years old for the parent to leave them with us.
• This is not a babysitting service. We are hosting this as a kids only event same as we do for Pokémon or any other event.
• Any child playing games with us for this event will be solely in the playroom and will not be allowed on the store side of the store.
• All children must be picked up by 10:30pm and cannot arrive any earlier than 5:45pm
• Parents Night Out Participant Release and Waiver Form must be filled in for each child before the parent is allowed to leave the child in our care.
• Link for waiver down below, please print and fill out form before arriving to the store.…/1FY…/view..