Warhammer 40K Fill the Van Charity Event

Date: Saturday January 18th
Time: 4-7PM

Red Star Gaming, RE/MAX, and Dragon’s Lair Alamo Ranch are teaming up to do an awesome charity event for the New Beginnings Children’s Home! We are kicking off 2020 with the “40K Fill the Van Charity Event”.

More about New Beginnings Children’s Home:

New Beginnings Children’s Home (NBCH) is a non-profit agency providing valuable support and guidance through quality services to youth in Texas. NBCH is one of San Antonio’s newer General Residential Operations; they opened in 2010 and their facility consists of two eight-bedroom dorms.

NCBH is focused on providing a safe and therapeutic living environment for abused, neglected, and displaced children ages 5 to 17. The care they provide promotes emotional growth and recovery and prepares the children for family reunification.

Details concerning the 40K Event:
Anyone can donate not just the participants playing 40K to this awesome cause; the goal is to fill up the RE/MAX van with toilet paper, paper towels, or hygiene products! 40K players/participants will simply show up with a 1000 point army and be ready to have a blast!!! Cheese army lists are allowed, this is for fun and WAR! Will use the Objectives in the core rulebook. Armies do not need to be painted, bring whatever you have no matter what state of completion it is in ITC rules will be used and chapter approved is in play. Raffle prizes will be randomly drawn and given out to the participants!