Vampire Rivals Prince of the City Tournament

Vampire Rivals Prince of the City Tournament

Dragons Lair at Alamo Ranch is proud to be hosting the only Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals Prince of the City tournament in Texas! Don’t miss your opportunity to become a part of the game, as a Vampire in Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals!

Date: Saturday May 28
Start Time: 3:00 PM
Entry Fee: $35.00
Cap: 32 Players

Event Information:
Up to 32 players will compete for the honor of being crowned Prince of the City! Players will play through a number of Swiss Rounds with a cut to Top 4. Rounds will be 75 minutes long with 15 minute break in between rounds. Each player must bring the following materials:
– A 7 card Faction deck, a 40 to 60 card Library deck, a 27 card City deck, 1 Haven card, and 1 Agenda card (All decks must be sleeved in opaque card sleeves. A player’s Library and Faction deck must use different-colored sleeves, and sleeves must be consistent within each deck. Spare sleeves should be kept on-hand in the event a sleeve is damaged or marked in some way. Havens & Agendas may be sleeved in any type of sleeve, or unsleeved.)
– 1 1st Player Token
– At least 13 Agenda tokens
– At least 4 No Influence tokens
-3 sets of tokens (Leader and Blood/Prestige) in 3 different colors. The Blood/Prestige value of each color must total exactly 32 and may not include more than six ‘3-value’ tokens. You may bring 32 ‘1-value’ tokens if you wish
– Rival tokens 1-4 Any other tokens your deck might need
– 2 copies of your deck list, with player name and the contents the deck
Cards from all Vampire the Masquerade: Rivals sets that have been released may be used in this tournament (Core Set, Blood & Alchemy, The Wolf & The Rat, and Shadows & Shrouds). In addition the 5 released Vampire promos may be used (Victor Temple, Smoke, Natasha Blank, Martine Diaz, and Freddy Usher).

Prize support:
– 2 Packs Prince of the City card sleeves
– Alternate art cards (Sucker Punch, Backhanded Compliment, All Tied Up, Assert Authority)
– 4 Plastic, spot-gloss Agendas (Turf War, The End is Nigh, Base of Power, Playthings)
– Victor Temple Vampire promo card

Top 16 Prize
– 10 Acrylic Leader Tokens (clan designs)

Finalist Prize
-Prince of the City playmat

Champion Prize
– Champion to Card! Be made into a Vampire in a future release or promo card!
– Prince of the City Champion playmat

Prince of the City announcement:

Tournament Rules

Current Rules Clarifications and Errata:

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