Tri-City MTG Qualifier (Standard)

Date: Sunday, October 27th
Start Time: 12:00 PM (Registration ends at 11:45 AM)
End Time: 6:00 PM
Entry Fee: Pre-register $25.00 / Day of Event $30.00
Seat Cap: 36 Players
Format: Standard
*The store will be opening at 11:00 AM to accommodate this event.*

Online Pre-registration Link:

Join us as we begin the journey for the first ever Annual Dragon’s Lair Tri-City Tournament – A friendly competition that spans across all four Dragon’s Lair locations to showcase each unique community and find the best player among us! On October 27, our Standard Magic players will have an opportunity to qualify for the Austin Dragon’s Lair Grand Tournament on November 2nd.

Event Details:
For the Alamo Ranch Qualifier, we will be hosting a 36-seat cap Standard tournament on October 27th to determine who our top 4 players are to send them to Austin on November 4th for The Grand Tournament.

* There will be four Swiss Rounds to determine the top 8.
* The top 8 players will start a single elimination playoff to determine our Top 4 players for the Alamo Ranch location.
**Top 4 players will be eligible for the final tournament in Austin on November 2 ***
* Our Top players will battle it out to see who takes home the most cash!

Entry and prize Payout:
• All players are eligible for 1 pack of Throne of Eldraine
• Top 8 players will receive 1 Collector Booster Pack
• A Collection Booster Pack will be randomly given away at the end of rounds 2, 3, and 4.

• At 12 players: $350 into the pool
1st $100
2nd $50
3rd and 4th $40 each
5th thru 8th $30 each

• At 29 players: $500 into the pool
1st $150
2nd $70
3rd and 4th $60 each
5th thru 8th $40 each

• At 30-36 players: $750 into the pool
1st $225
2nd $105
3rd and 4th $90 each
5th thru 8th $60 each

What is a Standard Deck?
• Standard rotation currently includes any cards from the Throne of Eldraine, Core Set 2020, War of the Spark, Ravnica Allegiance, or Guilds of Ravnica sets.
• Your deck must include at least 60 cards.
• You may have up to fifteen cards in your sideboard, if you decide to use one.
• You may not include more than four copies of any individual card in your main deck or sideboard combined (except basic lands).
• There’s no maximum deck size, as long as you can shuffle your deck in your hands unassisted.