Transformers TCG Energon Qualifier

Date: Sunday, 9/15
Time: 12-1pm Registration / 1:30pm Rounds start.
Cap: 32 participants
Entry fee: $15.00

Welcome to the first Transformers Energon Qualifier! This is a qualifying event for the Transformers TCG’s first-ever Energon Invitational at PAX Unplugged!

The Invitational event will feature an array of prizes, including an opportunity to design a character card with the Transformers TCG design team, as well as cash prizes, Transformers TCG items, and TRANSFORMERS toys! Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook!

Energon Qualifier Event:

> Format: Casual Constructed
>>> Please refer to:, page 18, Rule 6 in regards to banned cards and promo card usage.

> Rounds: Swiss, 50 minute rounds.
> DCI numbers are required to participate in this event! If you require a DCI number, we will happily provide you with one. Please make sure you arrive promptly during registration!

>Prize Support:
1st: Devastator Deck, Booster Packs**, Promo
2-4: Booster Packs,** Promo
All participants: Promo

**Booster pack payout depends on attendance.
If you have any questions, please contact the store.