Transformers Pro-Play Tour Invitational Qualifier

Date: Sunday January 12
Time: 11:00 Registration (12:00 PM Game Play)
Entry Fee: $15.00
Cap: 32

Additional Info:
Deck Lists: Form will be provided at registration.
Format: Constructed
Rounds: (Swiss) 50 minute rounds / Best two out of three
Number of rounds based on attendance

Prize Support:
1st place: PPT Invitational Invite, Winner Lanyard, PPG Exclusive dice, and pack payout
2nd place: PPT Invitational Invite, PPG Exclusive dice, and pack payout
3rd place: PPG Exclusive dice and pack payout
4th place: PPG Exclusive dice
*All participants will receive a promo card
*Pack payout dependent on attendance

**DCI numbers are required to participate in this event! If you require a DCI number, we will happily provide you with one. Please make sure you arrive promptly during registration!