Tiny Towns Game Night

Tiny Towns Game Night

Date: Tuesday June 4
Time: 7:00

Tonight is game night at The Lair and we are pumped up about Tiny Towns! Bring a group or challenge to one of our Dragons Lair employees to see who can get the most points with the best built town!

Tiny Towns at a Glance

Tiny Towns is a city builder where you collect resources in order to build up your own Tiny Town. Instead of collecting piles and piles of cubes in various colors and then placing them in the order you want to build your town you must place the cubes as you go.

The catch is that you must take the resources other players choose on their turns, so the more players you have in a game of Tiny Towns, the less control you have. On your turn, you name a resource, and every player takes one cube of that resource and must place it, even if they don’t want to do so. You will end up getting resources you don’t want, and have to plan around this inevitability.