Table Flip Party Games

Table/Flip – Party Games!

Friendships will be tested. Alliances will be made, only to be broken on January 9th at 7pm with Table/Flip – Party Games!

We’ll be choosing from: Cards Against Humanity, Superfight, Joking Hazard, Red Flags, and Pitchstorm for this round of Table/Flip.

How does Table/Flip work?
Players buy in to play a select game and have a chance at winning the opened copy of the game you played! Everyone who doesn’t win can purchase the game at 10% off that night only! Bring your friends for an awesome game night and see if you go home a winner!

Sign-ups start at 6:30pm. Every group that meets the required minimum number of players has a chance to win that game! Winners are drawn from ALL participants of the night.

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