Star Wars Armada Tournament

Date: Saturday September 11
Registration Ends: 11:45 AM
Start Time: 12:00 PM
Cap: 16 Players
Entry Fee: $10.00
Sign Up Online:…

Format Information:
Standard 400 pts
3 rounds, 1v1

Prize Support:
Seasonal Tournament Kit

Covid-19 Safety Rules:
• If you are fully vaccinated a face covering is not required to be worn, if you are not fully vaccinated face coverings are a requirement (this includes all children under the age of 12).
• Any children under 12 they must be accompanied by an adult.
• Any visitors with a fever will be asked to visit us at a later time.
• Maintaining a social distance of 6 feet at all times is not reasonable; however, we ask that you do try to social distance as much as possible.
• Please wash hands before and during the event. Hand sanitizer is located at the front of the store as well as in the play area.
• These rules are in place to ensure everyone’s safety and may be adjusted at any time.