Space Odyssey Mini Artist Mart

Date: Sunday March 24th
Start Time: 12pm
End Time: 5pm

For those who don’t know, our Artist Mart will have various booths/vendors come to display their art or products in our game room. It is an excellent way for the vendors to show off their pieces and a unique event for others to stop by and see some exciting products in the store.

Vendor Line Up:

* Onward Adventure! Dice

* SmartyPants Couture

* Wise and Shine Designs

* Glitter Magic Gifts

* Blackberry Brushes

* Souldewz/Picchioart

* Nerdy Art Printing

* NekoRoseJazzyStudios

* Torchan art

* True Whimsy Creations


If you’re interested in participating as an artist, apply through the QR code or link below. Applications will be open until Friday, February 23rd.