Quarantine at Home Cosplay Contest

Aug 1 at 10 AM – Aug 9 at 12 AM

With a lot of are favorite events being canceled this year, like Comic Con and not being able to gather in large groups or dress up as are favorite characters.We at the Lair thought we would do are own cosplay contest quarantine style but with a twist!

What’s that twist you asks? In this contest you can only use everyday at home items! Yup you read that right. You can use items that are found at home! This does also does include items found outside your home as well. We want see how created you all are and we know you guy’s will come up with some crazy, amazing and funny cosplay. We will display a few inspo pic’s for you all to go off by.

How to Enter:
1. Send us a DM of yourself in your cosplay by the 9th of August.
2. Give us a name and the inspo for your cosplay.
3. Follow the rules and have fun!!

Voting and How to Vote:
Each entry that comes in by the 9th of August will get put into a special post. Where you are followers will vote!. You’ll cast your votes by giving a thumbs up to your favorite cosplay. Other emoji’s will not count as a vote. You are only allowed to vote once!!!! The cosplays with the most liked vote’s by Augusts 15th will be reviewed by the Dlair Staff who will ultimately pick the over all winner!

Winner of the contest will win a $25 in store Credit!!!!