Pokemon Unified Minds Prerelease

Date: Saturday 7/20
Registration Time: 12PM-1PM (late players may receive a round 1 Loss)
Event Time: 1PM-6PM
Cost: $30


Entry includes (1) Prerelease kit containing (1) pre-constructed deck with evolution cards and trainer cards , (1) Promo Card and (4) Booster packs of Unified Mind. Upon completion of the tournament players will receive (3) additional Unified Minds Booster packs.

Format: Limited (Players can only use cards from the Prerelease kit and packs, players will receive 30 minutes to construct a complete deck, so bring card sleeves!)

Tournament Structure: 20 minutes best of 1 Swiss rounds, 4 prizes instead of 6 and 3 total rounds. (NO single elimination) .

Deck List: Not required.

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