Pokemon Saturdays

Pokemon Saturdays

Date: Saturdays

Open Play Start Time: 2:30pm

Tournament Start Time: 3:30pm

Whether you are an experienced player or want to learn how to play, we have a spot for you to catch ’em all.

Event Information:

Open Play – This is free to attend and is where you simply come in and get some games in with other players by teaming yourselves up. If you are new to Pokémon this would be the time you can meet up with one of our Pokémon Professors to learn how to play. Your one on one trainer session is completely free.

Tournament – This is where we will team you up with other players. The entry fee of $5.00 does include a participation pack upon entry and the top winners will receive prize support. The weekly tournament is optional and is not a requirement, you are welcome to continue open play thru your whole visit.

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