MtG Ikoria League

Leagues are all about being able to play whenever you have time for a match, and being able to maintain your record without having to play all of your matches in one sitting.

Join us for our Ikoria league whenever you or your other league mates have time. We will dedicate Wednesday evenings for you to meet up with other league players but, you are welcome to come in for a game anytime.

League Start Date: Wednesday, May 27
League Close Date: Wednesday, June 17
League End / Tournament Date: Wednesday, July 1
Cap: 16 Players
Entry Fee: $35.00
Format: Ikoria cards only

League Close Date = The last day for any new players to join.

The Magic League works as such:
1. Players open up one Ikoria prerelease kit and use those boosters to build a 40-card deck to start off with.
* The players deck must adhere to the rules of the current standard format
* After three weeks into the league (June 17) a 60 card deck is the requirement.
2. Every week, players add booster packs to their pool and rebuild their deck as often as they like.
* Players can buy 1 booster pack for $3.00 a week.
* Players can also add a booster for $3.00 after three losses, twice per week.
* The total amount of packs to be purchased weekly for $3.00 is three.
3. Matches consist of a single game.
*Each player gets one free mulligan at the start of the game.
4. Players can only play against other players in the League for their games to count.
5. All players decks will be held in the store for the duration of the league, you may take them home at the end of the league.
* We will provide match cards for you to track all of your wins and losses.
* The league lasts six successive weeks. From May 27 thru July 1
* Players can join the Magic League up until the League close date of June 17.
*In addition to their initial prerelease kit they are allowed to purchase boosters
for the weeks they missed.

League End / Tournament Date = This is the last day of the tournament in which we will have a Final Tournament at 6:00pm. You will bring your A game and battle off with the deck that you have made over the last 6 weeks.

All prize support will be given out based off of the tournament results. We will be awarding packs, promo packs, and collector packs. Pack payout will be determined on June 17 when we have a final count of the number of people in the league.

League Trading rules:
– Trades may only be done between active league players.
– Trades may only consist of cards that have been received during the league.
– Trades must be made of physical cards only and not promises of future consideration.

A discord channel has been set up at for all league players to be able to set up meetings easier.