MtG Adventures In The Forgotten Realms PreRelease Weekend

Everything you love from Dungeons & Dragons meets Magic in the Forgotten Realms! Play cards featuring fan-favorite characters, and battle with iconic monsters like beholders, mimics, mind flayers, and of course legendary dragons!

PreRelease #1 Friday at 3pm
PreRelease #2 Friday at 7pm
PreRelease #3 Friday at 12am (Friday night at midnight)
PreRelease #4 Saturday at 5pm
PreRelease #5 Sunday at 1pm (2 Headed Giant)
*Registration will end 15 minutes before each start time.Entry Fee: $25.00
Cap: 30 People
Number of Rounds: 3

Prize Support: 1 Pack Payout per round won, an additional pack is awarded for players that complete round 2.Event Information:
Players will have 50 minutes to crack open a Prerelease kit and build the best deck they can. After deck construction we will do a three round tournament. After the tournament is complete players will be able to purchase an additional kit

2 Headed Giant Format:
Two-Headed Giant is where two-player teams battle against one another. Each team takes actions as a team rather than individually.
– Each team has a shared life total that starts at 30 life.
– Each team takes their turn together; draw as a team, attack as a team, block as a team, and go through all phases as a team.

Your PreRelease Pack will include:
6 Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Draft Boosters
3 foil double-sided Dungeon cards
1 foil-stamped R/M card from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms
1 deck box
1 20-sided die