Monthly Manga Club

Date: First Tuesday EVERY Month
Start Time: 7:00 PM
Entry Fee: FREE

Event Information:
Join us the first Tuesday every month for a good night of talking about manga! You might just find your next favorite manga this way. How does our club work?
– A manga title is given each month, during that month read as much as you want.
– We will have our meet up on the 1st Tuesday of the month to discuss volume 1 of the manga.
– At the end we will pick the next manga we want to read as a group.
*If you need to purchase volume 1 of the manga it will be discounted that night just for you.
– We will meet up the next 1st Tuesday of the month to discuss the book that was picked previously.
– Rinse and repeat.

February’s Manga Description: Rozi in the Labyrinth.
The Labyrinth: a world of never-ending streets and intertwined alleyways, where time and space are not what they seem. Those who wander here from other worlds find themselves with odd powers and even odder appearances. Curious and ever-cheerful Rozi lives in the Labyrinth with her inhuman family—cat-eared Chemin, timid Mur, and Kay, the animated doll—who act as her guides and guardians in this strange and mysterious world.

Zoom Join In Option Available:
If you would like to join us but not ready to meet in person that is perfectly fine. We will have this streaming on Zoom just for you to join in on the discussion.

Join Zoom Meeting On Your Computer:
Meeting ID: 846 3371 0227

Join Zoom Meeting On Your Phone:
Dial +1 346 248 7799 US
Meeting ID: 846 3371 0227

Covid-19 Safety Rules:
• Players must pick a table to play at that has a partition on it. This helps to add an extra layer of safety for everyone.
• Your temperature will be taken thru an infrared thermometer therefore there is no inconvenience to you. Any visitors with a fever will be asked to visit us at a later time.
• Maintaining a social distance of 6 feet at all times is not reasonable; however, we ask that you do try to social distance as much as possible.
• A face covering is required to be worn through the whole event. For everyone’s safety face masks are a requirement to be in the store.
• Please wash hands before and during the event. Hand sanitizer is located at the front of the store as well as in the play area.
• These rules are in place to ensure everyone’s safety and may be adjusted at any time.