Meet & Greet Dominic Pace from The Mandalorian

Join us on Saturday June 19th at 12pm as “The Lair” welcomes back Dominic Pace, Gekko the Bounty Hunter from The Mandalorian.

Don’t miss your chance to stop by for our free meet & greet. Dominic has brought along his own sweet collection of items including his own comic series and Beskar’s that can be purchased and/or signed.

$15 Challenge Coins
$25 Per Print Signed
$30 Beskar Signed
$80 for 4 Autographed Prints

Autographed Gekko The Bounty Hunter Comic
After barely surviving the Battle for the Bounty, Gekko is on the hunt once again. Taking a job hunting down a familiar face, the bounty hunter stumbles upon a horrifying secret – one that brings back painful memories and old enemies.
Four Different Variants to Get Signed:
1 for $30
2 for $50
3 for $75
All 4 for $100

Meet & Greet Instructions:
1. We will allow the first 5 people to wait in line. Please note people will be spaced 6 feet apart with markers on the floor as to where they should wait.
2. After the first 5 are in line we will hand a ticket to each person with a customer number on it.
3. When you receive your ticket please make your way back to your car and download the Telegram app on your smart phone.
4. Please join the DragonsLairAR channel thru the app. The direct link is
5. We will send a message thru the Telegram app when we are ready for your customer number to visit.
6. When it is your turn please have your ticket available so we can direct you where to wait in line.
7. When you come in you will need to be wearing a face mask and please use the hand sanitizer at the front of the store.

Covid-19 Safety Rules:
• Guests will be spaced 6 feet apart while they wait for their Meet & Greet.
• A face covering is required to be worn through the whole event. For everyone’s safety face masks are a requirement to be in the store at all times.
• Please sanitize or wash your hands before and during the event. Hand sanitizer is located at the front of the store as well as in the play area.
* These rules are in place to ensure everyone’s safety and may be adjusted at any time.