Magic: the Gathering Facebook Live Auction

Date: Monday, March 22nd
Time: 6:00 PM

Calling all Magic players! Looking to get your hands on some extra cards at a fraction of the price? Be sure to participate in our live-stream auction on Facebook on March 22nd at 6PM! Lyric will be presenting a number of cards up for bids, such as Mythic/rare cards both foil and non foil from the last several expansions.

Additional Information:
-When being presented a card, you will have a chance to place your bid by offering a price in the comments.
-Like any auction, the highest bidder in a set amount of time wins the card!
-There is no limit to how many items you may bid on. You may at any point forfeit your winning bid to the next highest bidder if you choose.
-We will mark the winners down for the cards won and the final listed price.
-This event will be on our facebook live, running from 6 to 9PM.
-Every auction winner will have 7 days to purchase the cards at the price bidded before being offered to the next highest bidder. Any free cards or merch won will also no longer be available after the 7 days.
-Any questions before or after the auction can be directed to our discord, or just send us a message.
We hope to see you online!