Lightseekers Tournament

Lightseekers Tournament

Welcome to our first Lightseekers Tournament on Sunday, February 17th at 2pm!

This is a casual tournament for you to test out your decks and see if you can beat your target!

Format: Basic Constructed, single elimination – best two out of three per match.
Fee: $5
Prize support: All players receive a promo pack, and first place will receive a playmat!

Deck rules: (For Basic Constructed – Standard)
1 Hero
5 Combo Cards (no duplicates across main deck and side deck)
30 Action Cards (no more than 3 cards across main deck and side deck)

Hero cards and item cards are not permitted in side decks.

Lightseekers Wave 2: Mythical
Lightseekers Wave 3: Kindred
>>>This includes the Constructed Deck cards and Booster Pack cards.
Lightseekers Rift Pack: Lost Relics
Lightseekers Wave 4: Uprising
>>>This includes the Core Box 2019 cards and Booster Pack cards.

Moon Song
Pollen Weaver
Shadow Wraith
Sun Beacon
Tyrax Engineer