King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo Tournament

Join us on Wednesday, Jan. 30th at 7pm for this $5 in-store tournament!

Come battle against mighty foes in King of Tokyo!

We’ll be using the base game, with no add-ons or expansions. You can use any monster from any addition, so long as they do not have game-specific mechanics (meaning if they only work with a particular expansion, they will not work for this tournament).

Duration: 2 1-hour rounds / 1 final round with no time limit.
Players: MINIMUM of 4 players, MAXIMUM of 7 players.
Entry: $5
Prize Support:
1st Place: Rozy Pozy Promo Creature Card
2nd Place: A Set of Lightning Tokens
3rd Place: A Set of Lightning Tokens
All Participants: Each participant will receive a Fish Market Promo Card and Official King of Tokyo character Sticker.