Holiday RPG Oneshots

Date: Wednesday December 14
Registration Ends: Tuesday December 13
Start Time: 6:00 PM
Entry Fee: FREE
*Sign up while spots are still available

Event Information:
• Roleplaying game one-shots
• Choose among five different holiday themed sessions!

1) After Christmas Mystery with a Twist (D&D 5e)
It’s December 26th and a handful of elves are tasked with rounding up the few children who snuck onto Santa’s sleigh and sending them back home. Normally it’s easy to find one or two, but now it’s lunch and still none can be found. Did they get really good at hiding this year? And why has no one seen Santa all day? Where is everyone???

2) Oh Snap (D&D 5e)
Your quaint village full of your gingerbread folk has seen a dwindling population and no one seems to be suspicious at all. Those that do something tend to never come back. Will you be brave enough to venture into the unknown or will you join your fellow cookie villagers in their ignorance and celebrate this year’s Midwinter?

3) A Fight for Everlasting Light (D&D 5e)
The Rat King and his minions are after the everlasting light, an ancient relic that has been said to bring the sickly or the dead back to life. Your mission is to help Saint Klinas, the king of the North defend against this dark force.

4) Claus for Concern (D&D 5e)
Oh, no! Santa has been bamboozled! Something is wrong in the toy factory, and the workshop is overrun with frosty foes, wintry wrongdoers, and North Pole ne’er-do-wells. A team of Santa’s elves manages to escape the workshop warzone and recruit a party of adventurers to go take back toyland. Can our heroes muster enough cheer and joy to make sure all the good girls and boys get their holiday gifts? Or will everyone forever get stockings full of coal…whether they’re on the Naughty List or Nice?

5) A Very Rifty Christmas (Savage Worlds Rifts)
Lasers, big robots, powerful magic, interdimensional travel, and your small group of heroes must stop some evil humans who want to destroy Santa’s workshop.

Additional Information:
• A reminder call will be given two days prior to the event.
• Each DM have different character requirements to their session. Information will be provided at sign up