Halloween ComicFest 2019

Date: Saturday October 26
Time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Halloween ComicFest is the celebration of Halloween and comics! FREE Halloween themed comics will be available, along with the chance for fans to participate in “The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest Ever!” It is a great event for comic and Halloween fans of all ages! Come and celebrate Halloween this year with FREE comics!

Can I show up in costume? Yes! In fact, we encourage you to! Not only are we are having our own costume contest but, believe it or not, when you pick up any of the free comic books released this year it will be your ticket into entering the Greatest Costume Contest Ever! The contest offers a chance to win a shopping spree of $50 or even $500 to our store. What are you waiting for hit the “going” button to save the date and “invite” your friends and family today!

This year at The Lair, we will be having Trunk or Treat! What is Trunk or Treating you ask? A trunk or treat is where costumed children walk through a parking lot, stopping at cars that have decorated trunks and receiving candy. Of course, we will have this section closed off to make it safe for the children.
Pennywise and his friend will be scarying up The Lair!

A list of all of the Halloween ComicFest titles can be found here:
Enter “The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest Ever!” at: