Godsforge borad game

Godsforge Game Night

Date: Tuesday, June 11
Time: 7:00

Tonight, is game night at The Lair and we are thrilled to introduce you to the Godsforge! Bring a friend or challenge one of our Dragons Lair employees to see who can get the most renown and become the next druid.

Godsforge at a Glance

Once, Etherium was plentiful and the land was peaceful. Now, its presence in the world has dwindled, and elite spellcasters battle to control the last place this primal resource can be harnessed — the Godsforge.

In Godsforge, you are an elite spellcaster. You roll, re-roll, group, and combine dice whose results channel the crucial elements you need to summon creations and cast sorceries from your cards. Whatever you choose to create or cast, your goal is simple: Take the last ebb of your opponents’ life force and be the last one standing!

Godsforge features simultaneous play. All players roll their dice, craft their spells, and launch their attacks at the same time. There’s no downtime — everyone’s always playing.

Straightforward multiplayer where everyone attacks to the left and defends to the right, foiling would-be kingmakers. A perfectly balanced power ramp ensures that each player’s forces rise dramatically to a climactic endgame.