Dungeon Mayhem Game Night

Date: Tuesday October 15th
Time: 7-10PM

Dungeon Mayhem’s new expansion pack: Battle for Baldur’s Gate is out and that means another fun game night at The Lair!! Come down on Tuesday the 8th and throw it down with us for some more Dungeon Mayhem! Bring a friend or challenge one of our Dragons Lair employees to see who can defeat everyone else first!

Dungeon Mayhem at a glance:
A paladin, a rogue, a barbarian, and a wizard walk into a dungeon…

Dungeon Mayhem is a hand management, fast-paced card game in which it is you versus everyone else! Do you band together with your opponents to take out a common enemy? Do you try and attack everyone, in a kill-em-all take down?

This is a fast game, excellent for 2-4 players who want to get a little competition in.