DragonBall Super

Dragon Ball Super Destroyer Kings Pre-Release Tournament

Join us on March 9th at 7pm for our pre-release of Dragon Ball Super Series 6 Destroyer King.

Time: 7:00 PM
Cap: 16
Fee: $25.00

All players who join this tournament starts off with two series 6 special pack set (DBS_SP06) from the store, to build your deck with the cards you opened to play!

Everyone who joins the tournament gets one series 6 pre-release pack.

Players can’t use any cards they already own and are advised to get a special pack set from the store on the day of the tournament.

Deck Construction Rules:
Decks consist of one Leader card and 40 non-Leader cards. The limitation that only allows up to four copies of a single card does not apply. Any cards you do not use to make your deck are considered part of your side deck.

Leader cards can also be used in your side deck.
As a special rule, in addition to any cards opened in packs, players can also include up to seven copies of the following cards in their decks:
BT5-117 Dragon Ball
TB3-067 Porunga’s Dragon Ball