Design Your Own Dice Tray & Canvas

Date: Any day during store hours
Event Fee: $40.00
Time: Make sure you have free time to let your inner artist come out. Please allow a minimum of 1 hour to give yourself some time to make your creations.

There is no set date or time for this event. A table has been set up with all of the paint and supplies you will need to complete your works of art anytime that is convenient for you! We have this event geared around Father’s Day as we all love to make projects to show our love but ……. there’s nothing to say that this has to be done for a father. You can come in and make your very own one of a kind dice tray for yourself or another loved one.

• You will receive a 4×4 canvas for you to create a masterpiece for Dad! This would be the perfect gift for him to display at work or anywhere in the home!
• You will receive a 9×6 wood tray for you to make Dad his own one of a kind dice tray!
• If there are any picture cut outs or tokens that you would like to have sealed in with your dice tray please bring them with you.

Additional Information
• The paint that is being provided to paint with is Non-toxic watercolor paint and safe for children to use and will wash out easily in case of any accidents.
• The canvas can be taken home the same day; however, you will not be able to take the dice tray home the same day as you make it. We want to make sure it stands the test of time so we are going to seal it all up for you.
• To ensure they look the best they can we will be spraying the sides as well as the bottom of the tray with a clear acrylic sealer.
• We will be pouring a clear high gloss finish into the tray bottom which will seal your art, make sure you get a nice quiet, and even dice roll.
• The reason for the dice tray staying with us overnight is due to both of these sealers are hazardous if breathed in therefore will be applied after store hours. In addition, the varnish will take a minimum of 14 hours to set. You are welcome to come and get your tray the following day.