Demo Day

Come play an expansive array of games at Dragon’s Lair’s Demo Day!

Date: Sunday, March 8th
Time: 2:00 PM

We will have 5 board games for you to choose from and play to your hearts content! It is open seating, first come first serve to learn the games on display.
The games we will have on demo are:
Arboretum: A beautifully made, strategic hand management game with nature-oriented art.
Gloom of Thrones: A “Game of Thrones” inspired take on everyone’s favorite storytelling game; Gloom!
Trial by Trolley: A party game created by the artists with “Cyanide and Happiness” where you must convince the conductor of a crazy trolley to spare your life!
Dungeon Mayhem: A fast paced card game perfect for younger and older Dungeons & Dragons fans alike!
Talisman Kingdom Hearts: An artful game board with three regions, custom marbleized six-sided dice, tokens, and cards maintain the beloved aspects and exploratory spirit of earlier versions of the Talisman board game while offering lighthearted Disney nostalgia.

Be sure to come participate in our Demo Day here at the Lair to find out more about these wonderful games!