Beyblade Tournaments

Format: Beyblade Burst rules, 3 Bey Tournament.
Date: Every last Saturday of the month
Time: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Fee: $5

Hey Beyblade fans! We’re hosting a meetup for you all to come hang out at the Lair, and meet other Beyblade players! Bring your beystadiums, your beyblades, and come out for a good time!

Once across from each other at the BeyStadium, each blader is to turn their backs and select their Beyblade in secret within 3 minutes.

If you are receiving help–in the form of advice or parts–from someone else, you must announce who is helping you to both the judge and your opponent. Parts borrowed at any point during the event for future use must be announced as well. The exact part(s) do not need to be announced, just the person they are being borrowed from.

Once a blader selects their Beyblade, they must announce that they are “set” and present their launcher and Beyblade to the judge for inspection. Beyblades should preferably be unassembled for inspection, or the judge will do it themselves.

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