BCS 2019 Shop Challenge (Future Card Buddyfight)

When: Sunday July 28
Time: 1:00 PM
Entry Fee: $10
Participant Cap: 24 Players
Format: Individual
**Pre-registration is not required; however, is recommended **

Additional Info:
English only edition cards are permitted.
Deck:A player must use the same deck throughout a tournament. No switching of cards is permitted in between games within a tournament, except for the situations specified in the Sideboard Ruling for BFE Best of 3 tournaments.
Cards: Cards from new expansions are legal to use from the expansion’s official release date. Cards from expansions which are available after Sneak Preview / Pre-sale events are not allowed for use in the tournaments until the expansions are officially released.
Deck Registration: It is not mandatory to submit a deck list upon tournament registration.

Additional information can be found at https://en.bushiroad.com/events/bcs2019/shop/

Prize Support:
– All participants will receive a Event Specific Promotional Card.
– Winner will recieve a “Bye card” which the player can exchange for free “Byes” for the Swiss rounds at a Regional Championship of the game played.
– Additional prize support to be determined

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